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Carpet Cleaning 

Our GOLD PACKAGE Process ensures you get the clean you deserve at a price you can afford. 

This service standardly includes 

1.) A UV light walk through to see stains not visible to the eye to pretreat all stains, including those not visible to give you an extra battle against bacteria and odors.

2. Carpet scrub, (either not provided by most carpet cleaners, or is charged extra. Your rate includes this with us).

3. Truck mount extract, (not portable -the difference is vacuum power, leaving less dirt behind, less dry time at about 4-6 hours. And hotter water temp for sanitizing)

4. Hot water rinse so no chemical residue is left behind. 

5. Fragrance sent, and carpet softener

Also includes your choice of fiber guard or carpet Enzyme - (Protein based stains, ex: Pet Damage)

Additional add on services offered ​

  • Bio Cleans

  • Red Stains & Other Specialty Stains 

  • Deep Saturation 

*Standard and Premium packages also available

Great Service
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Carpet Stretches

Carpet damage could be unsightly. Most times carpet still has lots of life left, but is deemed unsalvageable due to rips, tears, wripples or other damage. 

An untrained Tech who attempts to improperly repair damaged carpets may result in repair later pulling up. 

That's why all our Tech's are fully trained in carpet bonding to ensure your repair will last through years of vacuuming, carpet cleans or any typical daily use. 

It is just as strong as when your carpet was originally seamed together during the install process. 

For both Repairs and Stretches it is recommended the carpet is cleaned afterwards for best results. 

Carpet Stretches

& Repairs


Tracking Pet Urine