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When you hire Crocodile Carpet Care & Restoration LLC to treat a disaster or accident that has occurred in your home we want to work quickly in responding as well as equipping you with knowledge and information so you can understand not only what is happening in your home, but also the dangers that could occur from delayed response time, cross contamination, improper treatment and more. This page should serve as a resource for you. If you have further questions that are not covered here, please call or email the office for help. 

Below is a Flood Service Agreement AND Health Information. The Agreement provides you with basic treatment procedures. The Health Form provides CCC&R with important information about you and your family so we know how to best serve you while treating your home for excess water. This form must be completed at the start of the job. Click on the link below, or start completing directly on this page. 

Flood Agreement

Safety Data Sheet Links Related to your Drying

Safety Data

Click on the Numbers below to see the data sheets for each named chemical.


Benefect Botanical Disinfectant

Benefect Botanical Decon 30 Disinfectant



Informative Links

Don't just take our word for it, Check out these useful links. We understand that no one is prepared for a flood of any size, But the damages can be severe. Know how to protect yourself and the structure of your building or home with the power of information. There is lots of material out there covering this topic, here are just a few to help you through this time. 

brochure by fema
Sewage Back up
Cat description

Flood Categories. 1 - 3

Class 1 - 4

What are they? And how do they affect you?

When your home is flooded the different categories are used to assess the appropriate procedures, guidelines and safety standards to treat / remedify your home. 

Since water can contain different levels of contaminants, treatment varies depending on the type of water that flooded your home. Here is a brochure by the Northern Arizona University explaining the different Category types. 

Liquid Drop

Category of Water:


Refers to the range of contamination in water, considering both its originating source and quality after it contacts materials present on the job site. Time and temperature can affect or retard the amplification of contaminants, thereby affecting its category. Restorers should consider potential contamination, defined as the presence of undesired substances; the identity, location and quantity of which are not reflective of a normal indoor environment; and can produce adverse health effects, cause damage to structure and contents or adversely affect the operation or function of building systems.

Image by Lance Asper

South Florida / April 2021

Property management company had to pay a $48 Million Settlement to their tenant who got sick from mold in her Apartment.

Image by Josefina Lacroze

Delaware / May 2001

Landlord to pay $1,000,000 to a tenant. It describes 

"Appellants are New Haverford Partnership, the landlord, the Partnership's two general partners, and Mid-Atlantic Realty, the apartment manager.   They will be referred to collectively as Landlord."

Image by Vasco Sousa

Is Ignorance really Bliss? 

According to GPMI and other outlets Landlords can be held Accountable for Mold. Learn how to protect yourself from liability, high repair costs due to deteroriation, protect your tenants health, and your building's structural integrity.

Landlord Liability
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